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Story About Encounters
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The new section “ Story About Encounters" has met with everyone, and in this section, we will review together the story of the Chinese nanoknife, which showed great power and saved lives in the clinical trial stage!

Diagnosed with liver cancer... underwent liver hepatectomy surgery... later discovered metastasis... hopeless treatment until meeting...

Seven years have passed, and Ms.Li, who has experienced all of this, cherishes her current leisurely life immensely.

This all stems from a "encounter" four years ago.

In 2015, Ms Li, who was 66 years old, felt unwell and underwent surgery to remove the left lobe of her liver after being diagnosed with liver cancer.

At the end of 2017, Ms. Li was admitted to the hospital again due to the discovery of liver right lobe metastasis.In January 2018, she underwent hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy and embolization treatment.However,in April, a contrast-enhanced CT scan showed that the lesion had increased in size again during the re-examination.

Worry and helplessness enveloped every member of the family, but their love for their mother led them to decisively bring the elderly to the top hospital in China:Chinese PLA General Hospital, where they sought treatment from Director Xiao Yueyong of the Radiology Intervention Department. Based on comprehensive imaging results and considering that Ms. Li had already undergone left hepatectomy and had a history of liver cirrhosis, Director Xiao suggested that Ms. Li participate in the clinical trial of domestic nanoknife ablation technology for treatment.

As the first subject of the "High Voltage Steep Pulse Minimally Invasive Therapeutic System", Ms.Li underwent a nanoKnife minimally invasive surgery in September 2018. Immediately after the surgery, enhanced CT showed no enhancement inside the lesion and complete ablation. One month after the surgery, enhanced CT and MR images showed significant necrosis of the treatment area, and the range of the lesion had decreased compared to before.

In April 2022, during a follow-up visit, Li's daughter exclaimed with excitement, "My mother is now 73 years old. In the nearly five years since she underwent the ablation surgery, she has consistently undergone regular check-ups and has recovered very well. Her mental state is also very good, and there has been no local recurrence. Now she can do some housework every day. It can be said that the NanoKnife technology has brought my mother a new life. I sincerely thank Director Xiao and the manufacturer for developing such a good device. I truly hope that this technology can be quickly promoted to help more patients!"

Ms. Li was just one of the 90 clinical trial participants at the beginning, and her benefits have verified the efficacy of Shanghai Yuanshan Medical's irreversible electroporation technology in the treatment of malignant solid tumors in the liver.

Director Xiao of the PLA General Hospital in Beijing has taken on the responsibility as a pioneer in the clinical application of domestic nano-knife ablation technology. He has led his team to conduct a lot of academic exploration on the clinical application of domestic nano-knife treatment technology. Shanghai Yuanshan Medical, as the creator and leader of domestic nano-knife technology, will continue to forge ahead and help promote the popularization of nano-knife ablation in clinical applications, allowing more malignant solid tumor patients like Ms. Li to regain a new life.


Xiao Yueyong     National Renowned Physicians

                                              --Outstanding Achievements

The First Medical Center of Chinese PLA General Hospital

Director of the Radiology Department

·National Renowned Physicians--Outstanding Achievements

·Director of the Radiology Department of the First Medical Center of the Chinese PLA General Hospital

·The 21st President of the International Society of Cryosurgery.

·Honorary Chairman of the Asian Society of Cryosurgery (1st-2nd President of the Asian Cryosurgery Association).

·Director of the Minimally Invasive Treatment Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association.

·Executive Director of the Chinese Medical Education Association.

·Director of the Minimally Invasive Treatment Special Committee Intervention

·Director of the Tumor Nanoknife Ablation Treatment Society.

·Vice Chairman of the National Minimally Invasive Treatment Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Cancer

·Vice Chairman of the Interventional Magnetic Resonance Committee

·Vice Leader of the Expert Group of the Management Specification for Tumor Ablation Treatment Technology by the National Health Commission

·Deputy Director of the Interventional Physicians Branch of the Beijing Medical Association

·Vice Chairman of the Interventional Medicine Branch of the Beijing Medical Association.

·Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Journal of Interventional Imaging and Therapy.

·Executive Editor of Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging Technology.

·Executive Editor of the Chinese-English bilingual journal of Interventional Radiology.

·Editorial Board of Chinese Journal of Radiology